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Myths, Art and Marketing

In the art world... there is a marketplace which is used for a primitive practice called trading. Where those with goods chase those with money and those with money chase those with goods, until they catch each other.Unfortunately, it is not always so, sometime those with goods search in vain for those with money and vice versa.Some magic is needed, to bring the two together...Professionals call this magic ’MARKETING’.- Michael McDonald

Many people have asked, is marketing advertising or is it selling?
Let’s examine the association between these two communication functions objectively.
A sale is one of the aims of the marketing dynamics; however, a sale is a culmination of various marketing undertakings. Furthermore, the functionality of a sale ignores the importance of product management, pricing, distribution and other forms of communication. Therefore, a sale is one facet of marketing - it is not marketing.
     Advertising which is the public promotion of something such as a product, …

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